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Enjoying Life’s Precious Moments

Enjoying Life’s Precious Moments


On a regular basis, I believe a number of us may assume just how life can be so unreasonable to us and also to other individuals. Right here we are functioning our butts of, aiming to lead a well-lived life, doing good in the direction of others and yet nothing appears to be going right … everything appears to be wrong. Just how it that many individuals on the other side of the earth are going starving while there are a lot of abundant individuals whose wide range are constantly abounding? We could not aid yet doubt why such a tragedy has actually happened in our lives or why we are being weighed down by such a challenging problem. What have we done to deserve this? Why of why …

These inquiries as well as the doubts continuously difficulty us each day, often without recognizing the answer, without also obtaining a feedback. Therefore, for a few of those whose spirits have been moistened, whose hearts might no longer bear the misery, they seek the very easy escape by ending their lives.

Regardless of just how hard life appears to be, we will certainly constantly locate something concerning it to smile about. I think our outlook to life all depends on just how we check out it, on just how we attempt to make it through regardless of the odds, on just how we get up despitethe problems that may have come our method. Life after all is what we make out of it.

Put in the time to consider and also assess the life you have led. You will pertain to realize that you have been too concentrated on the bad experiences that you cannot identify all the excellent that has actually been taking place. We cannot value the little things that may have brought a smile to our faces or events that might have created our hearts to jump.

What does your attitude say about you?

Keeping A Positive Attitude

 When you focus on the good instead of the bad, on the positive instead of the negative, it transforms your heart, mind, and body. Most people don’t realize that illnesses can be the result of negative energy passing through their body. As unbelievable as it sounds, mind over matter is a real concept.

By being a positive person, concentrating on what is right in your life instead of what is wrong, it not only affects your life, but the lives of those around you. You realize that complaining solves nothing, and you choose to use your energy to focus on what can be and needs to be done. If necessary, you will create a new and positive existence for those around you. You will change the rules, go against the norm, showing everyone that the impossible is very possible.



 Rarely do people think about how powerful words are. It is important to remember that from the heart, the mouth speaks. What you carry around inside you, whether it is a lot of negativity or positivity, determines your conversation. Words have the power to heal or destroy. When you have positive thoughts, you speak kind and encouraging words. You can make someone’s day better by what you say.

A positive attitude comes from positive thoughts. By speaking with compassion with yourself (yes, you) and others, you can improve your self-esteem and the confidence of those around you. Simply put, you have the power to be happy or unhappy. The decision is yours.


Positive Thinking

Keeping a positive attitude doesn’t mean you ignore the challenges in your life, closing your eyes and wishing they would just go away. It means that you approach the conflicts in your life in a productive, positive way. You believe that the best outcome will happen, not the worst.

Positive thinking begins with your thought patterns. If your thoughts are always negative, your outlook on life will be negative as well. You will find joy in absolutely nothing.  Even when there are no difficulties in your life, you will find something wrong and to complain about. With your positive thinking, you are able to bring the good out of people and have a positive impact on the world.

In difficult times, it is easy to think about the negative in your life and not have positive thoughts. But these are the moments when you need to remind yourself that you are the only one that can control your thoughts and perspective. You are the one who has to decide that, regardless of what is going on in your unpredictable life, you are going to seek the positive in every situation, keep hope that your circumstance is going to change for the better, and work endlessly to make everyday a joyful experience.

There are lots of places to see this in action. One place to look is at the wealthy people of this world. They seem to not have a care in the world. But when you read about some of the top earners, such as, you will see that most of these folks started out like you and I. Very normal!



 In order to keep a positive attitude and live a positive life, you absolutely have to surround yourself with positive people. You can’t be surrounded by negative people who are not encouraging you to live a fulfilled life. This might be hard to do, removing yourself from around individuals who speak and act negative all the time, but it is for your own good.

People who mean you well will encourage you to obtain your goals, regardless of what they are. Instead of belittling you, they let you know that you accomplish anything you want. Being around positive people entices you to becoming a positive person, a beacon of light, in someone else’s life.

Additionally, you have to get rid of negative actions. It will become necessary for you to do a self-examination and explore which of your behaviors are good for you and which ones are not. When you have made a habit of focusing on the negative in your life, instead of the positive, it is going to take a minute to change, but it is possible.


Be Nice

 In order to keep a positive attitude and thought process, you need to be positive with others. One way to share your positivity with the world is by being nice. This doesn’t mean just when you feel like it. Even when you are not having a good day, you don’t spread your bad mood, dump your negativity onto someone else. Instead, you make a conscious effort to say or do something pleasant.

It can be as simple as telling someone you wish him or her much peace and blessings, or tell family members or friends how much you love and appreciate them. Do you know that you have the power to make someone’s day with just a word of encouragement? It is hard to be nice to others all the time, but if you get in the habit of doing so, it will become easier and easier as the days go on.

When all you see is the negative in your life, all you see in others is negativity. From this moment on, make a decision that you will no longer be critical and judgmental of others. Tell yourself, “Today, I will strive to be a supportive individual to anyone I meet. I will not only treat others how I would like to be treated, but how they would like to be treated.” Everyone wants to feel inspired and motivated, and the more you show niceness towards others, the more you grow in having a more positive attitude.


If you want to bring more positivity into your life, there is no time like the present. You have to remember that the choice is yours to change. The result is you get closer and closer to the happy life you yearn for. Life is too short to be angry and unhappy all the time.


Did you know that it takes more energy in being negative than it does in being positive? When you look back on your life’s journey, you don’t want to see any time where you weren’t contributing anything to the earth and the people in it. Instead, you want to see the many times where you inspired and shared your happiness with others, making this world a better place to live.








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